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A Fresh Approach to Business Energy

Energy services exclusively for BFFF Members

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Why BFFF Energy Services?

Sustainable & Renewable Energy

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BFFF Energy Services provides members with tailored sustainable energy solutions, reducing carbon emissions, and driving efficiency, guiding you towards a greener future.

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Dedicated Energy Management

We  deliver a dedicated energy management service as standard, ensuring you receive personalised query resolution. You'll always speak with a real person, not automated systems.

Clever Procurement & Monitoring Strategies

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We specialise in clever procurement and monitoring systems. We'll streamline your energy procurement process and keep an eye on your consumption for maximum savings and sustainability.

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Our Services



Core Divisions




Specialist Suppliers

Discover the comprehensive suite of energy solutions offered by BFFF Energy Services. Our services encompass the procurement of gas, electricity, and water, coupled with full account management of your energy contracts.


We also provide renewable options and on-site generation initiatives to meet your sustainability goals. With our expertise, streamline your energy procurement process while exploring innovative renewable energy solutions tailored to your business needs.


Trust BFFF Energy Services to optimise your energy management strategy for efficiency, cost savings, and environmental responsibility.

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Energy Procurement

Our team provides invaluable insights and competitive rates from a diverse array of trusted business energy providers. 

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Energy Management

Enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience as our dedicated team of experts guide you through every step.

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Harness sustainable energy solutions, with cutting-edge technologies that seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources into your operations.

Solar Operations
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Say goodbye to compliance uncertainties around ESOS, CCL, ESG, and SECR with our specialised solutions.

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Reducing Consumption

Achieve consumption reduction through advanced monitoring, efficiency upgrades, electric vehicle integration, and LED lighting initiatives.

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